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Treatment Enhancers

Complete and maximize results with our nano-technology creams.

What sets us apart?

Ahead of the Game

At the core of our success is our dedicated team of engineers, scientists, and designers who are passionate about creating groundbreaking technologies that revolutionize industries and improve the lives of our customers.

Functionality & Performance

We understand that investing in a machine, whether it is for your clinic or for your personal use, is a significant decision. That's why we put great emphasis on creating products that perform optimally and deliver high-quality results.


Our team of engineers and technicians work tirelessly to develop machines of high-quality materials and employ advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure that our machines are able to endure the test of time.

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Apollo 3.0 The Infrared Capsule

combines the powerful low-light near and far infrared sauna with full-spectrum-colored-therapy


Skin Elasticity

Pain Relief


Weight loss

Apollo 2.0 the water Capsule

The power of high-temperature steam and full-spectrum-colored-therapy


Skin Elasticity

Skin Texture


Apollo Max the Light Panel

Isolating key near-infrared and red wavelengths for optimal results.


skin texture



Cellular health

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Frequent Questions

When is it unsafe to use Apollo?

Our machines operate at around 130˚F, which is almost the same as your temperature when sunbathing. For comparison, a traditional sauna generates heat between 150˚F and 180˚F. That’s because infrared light’s heat is transferred onto your body through radiation, unlike steam heat, which moves through the air. And IR light goes directly into your body, heating it from the inside, so you won’t have the same burning sensation you’d get from a traditional sauna. If you still can’t bear the heat, you are welcome to try our innovative LED stand. It uses near near- infrared light which directly penetrates deep into your muscles and bones, preventing your skin from sweating, which traps the heat.

Do you accept returns/ exchanges?

Yes! Our goal is to make you happy with your purchase. If you would like to return an item, you can within 14 days after purchase. Keep in mind that you will be responsible for all shipping charges, and a 20% restocking fee. Also, we don’t accept returned items that have already been opened or used. If you purchased APOLLO through any of our authorized sellers, including plastic surgeon’s facility, you should reach out directly to them.

Where can I try your machines?

Yes, we do! We have dozens of locations throughout the USA. We are also opening stores outside of the USA soon. Please contact our customer service to find a location near you. We can schedule a complimentary session for you to experience Apollo LED light therapy fully.

I’ve decided to buy Apollo. How is the delivery done?

All our stores provide delivery and installation services. When you purchase a machine—whether it’s our Hydrogen Sauna Capsule with LED, Lay-Down Infrared Spa Capsule, or the Red Light Therapy Panel—you’ll get a white glove delivery, which includes full installation at the area of your choice. You don’t even have to worry about the packaging because they’ll take it when they leave your premises.

Is there any kind of warranty?

Yes, we offer a lifetime warranty, but you would need to register the device within 14 days upon purchase for the warranty to be valid.

What if my device malfunctions?

While we are confident in the quality of our machines, it’s wise to anticipate and prepare for technical problems. You can fix most of these problems by following the basic troubleshooting instructions we’ve provided in the User Manual, including checking if the machine is plugged correctly, turning it on and off at a 10-minute interval, inspecting the pipelines for fluid, etc. But if none of those tricks worked, we have a fantastic technical support team ready to help you anytime.

Can I use my existing skincare products?

Definitely! A spa session in any of our machines won’t make your skin sensitive to serums, oils, or creams. If anything, it boosts the efficacy of your skincare essentials since your pores are unclogged and open. We recommend using our medical creams for the best results because they are specially formulated for our treatments. We don’t advise applying creams and serums before going sitting into the capsule. Creams and serums will only block the pores and prevent your skin from sweating. Apply these skincare products after each session.

Can I use it during pregnancy?

Using an infrared sauna when you are pregnant is risky. Keep in mind that you will be exposing your body to electromagnetic radiation. While it’s safe for adults, it’s not for embryos whose tissues are just developing. In case you’ve already given birth and are now breastfeeding your child, an occasional sauna bath won’t hurt. IR light exposure has no known harmful effect on your ability to lactate. Remember that as a lactating mom, the amount and quality of milk you produce depends on how much water you drink. If you are not drinking plenty of water while still using your home infrared spa capsule to detoxify, your breastmilk supply may dip in quantity.

hen is it unsafe to use Apollo?

It’s risky to use our equipment: – If you are below 12 years old – If you have an abnormal blood pressure – If you have an infectious disease – If you’ve just undergone a plastic surgery – If you have your monthly period – If you’ve been diagnosed with bladder disease or kidney stone If you’re dealing with alcohol dependence. If you are disabled or have a severe fracture

What do I do if I don't see any results?

Sweating is a clear sign that your session in our infrared spa capsule is working. As for our LED therapy panel, it will take several weeks to a few months before you notice drastic changes to your skin, although most of our customers report improvement in muscle soreness within the first few sessions. If it seems like nothing is happening, you might want to consult with our licensed aesthetician to change/ intensify your regimen.

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